Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Howdy, y'all!!

I decided to hijack Jen's blog since she has decided to neglect it so. I have a soft spot in my heart for the underdog, and it has been breaking my ticker that this blessed blog has two posts. TWO!

Poor precious blog.

So I hogtied Jennifer, wrestled her passwords out of her, and skedaddled right over to fill up some space. Because it's just not right to have all this free air in cyberspace and nobody breathing it.

I asked Jen what I could discuss over here on these parts, and she just shrugged and grinned at me.

So....I've decided to take it upon myself to just ramble for a bit. And dish a bit of Jen's dirt. (Although dirt may not be the optimum word here.) You're welcome.

First of all, Jennifer is probably the most compulsive (and the most clean) of all my friends. Did you know that she actually cleans her house on a regular basis? So impressy with her. Actually, I try not to dwell on that too long, because it can start making me feel really bad about the fishstick crumbs that are living under my table and the sour laundry that is living in my washer.

Just the other day, Jen was complaining about her house, saying that it was dirty, and actually made the comment that she was horrified with herself because she only has been vacuuming once a week. Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis? Vacuuming once a week is like turbo-cleaning at my house.

She also does laundry. And puts it away. I'm so confused. She probably even folds it. Gasp.

And she cleans her car.

And does her dishes.

And changes the sheets on the beds on a regular basis.

It's okay. If you are finding yourself irritated with her cleanliness, I understand. She's super cleany. And particular. And a self-admitted OCD-ist.

But I still love her.

And as much as she tells me not to worry about it, I do get mini-moths and micro-butterflies when she comes to my house. Because I But I blame it on my children. Because they make me crazy.

But she did make me feel amazingly better the other night.....

Because when we were at her house for KGroup (the small home groups at our church), we spotted ceiling fan fuzz.

And it made me giddy.

Like brand new shoes on a fall day with an ice cream cone in one hand and a prepaid credit card in the other giddy.

Yes. It was THAT good.

You're welcome.

*This post written by Amber over at Raising Rascals.*


  1. Well, I'll be!!!

    alright, Jen, I expect you to get on here and talk about something next!! Ya here?!!

    Ugh, had no idea about the OCD-ist in you but that's quite'll be my iron sharpener!!


  2. I was all excited that Jen FINALLY had something to post. Girl, you need to get to posting! The more you do it, the more ideas you get and the better you get at doing it. Get it? Got enough gets there?

  3. Oh Amber...I love you so!!!

    You realize the reason for me taking so long posting a comment is because of my OCD!! I was worried about what to say!!! I think I need medication!!

    Just to clarify for the people out there who don't know me as well as Amb does...

    I've only had my car for a year, and the other day when I cleaned it was only the 2nd time...

    And even though I do laundry on a regular basis, and fold it, and put it away...I have been known to rewash a soured load or two, and "iron" a basketful that has sat around for a week!!

    Thank's Amb for guesting on my have inspired me to write again!! Love ya!!!