Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance of Wild Things

So we had a little crazy weather 'round these parts the other night...which is not unusual for Arkansas!!

Day started out a little cloudy, sprinkled a few annoying drops of rain, then the sun came out!! No prob. Ten seconds later (okay...maybe a little longer than that), it starts!! Lightening so bright you could read a book outside, and thunder so loud that if you had a bladder control problem, you would pee your pants 'cuz you jumped everytime it boomed!!

That's what was going on outside!! Inside got just as crazy!!

I was happily watching Survivor, eagerly awaiting Grey's Anatomy, when everything went black!! Totally, completely, and utterly black!!

Then the screaming began!! Not me. (Although it's been know to happen!! ) The screaming would be my son and my 2 year old niece who were in the bathtub when said darkness occurred!! Not good!! I figured I would have two soaking wet little naked bodies come running into the living room, but they didn't, they just screamed!!

I fumbled to the bathroom, managed to bathe them by candlelight, and made it back to the living room without tripping over the 587413985 blocks that were scattered all over the floor!! Whew!!

Since I couldn't turn on a "mobie" (that's "movie" for all you non toddler speaking adults out there), we decided to do the next best thing!! We curled up in the big chair and read books!! By candlelight, of course!!

We read this...

My mind wandered to how nice it would be if we really could go outside and have our food fall from the sky!! No more spending money on groceries!! But I digress.

Then we read this...

The "wild things" wanted to get up and do the wild rumpus like the monsters do in the book!!

At the time, I thought it was such an inconveniece for the lights to be out!! I quickly realized that if they weren't out, I wouldn't be cuddled up with my two babies!! I would probably be yelling at them to "hush" so I could hear the tv!! So for just a moment I was thankful the lights were out!! Cuz who wouldn't want to hang with these "wild things"!!


  1. The storm had died down before it reached my neck of the woods, but we still had some bad lightening.

    Sounds like you had a cuddle moment. Love a good book in a comfy chair.

  2. You're gearing them up for the movies!!!!!! :)

    I'm like you...always hate the electricity being out, but love the sweet family time we always have because of it. Hmmm...maybe we should go all Little House, too....uh. Nevermind.

  3. that is what makes sweet memories :). I think I would have freaked had I been in the bathtub and the lights went out........ but only because I have seen one too many horror movies :)