Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Look

So...I've been  completely lazy  on a blogging hiatus. Probably because I can't seem to wrap my mind around a single coherent thought lately.  Or it could be I'm just lazy!! Who knows!!  To be honest, I get more enjoyment out of reading everyone else's blogs!! 

I started reading this blog and absolutely fell in love with it!!  As I was reading old posts, I came across this post, and I swear I could hear angels singing in the background!!  I've been wanting a new look for my blog, but cannot make up my mind on what I want!! Now I can do my own!!  And I like the idea that I can change it up!!

The pictures I chose for this month reflect happenings that go on around our house in the month of February.

Danny and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage on Feb. 24th!!  Time flies when you're having fun!! Ummmm....sure!!  He will also turn 35 on the 24th!!  We got married on his 21st birthday...I always say he got  gipped  the best gift for his 21st birthday!! Me!! HA!!  He picked the date, so he can't complain!!

I went through old pics and dug out some of Hesley from past Valentine's Day!!  Love his fat cheeks and his cute sayings on his shirts!! He won't wear those kind of shirts anymore.  He's 7...and apparently too cool!!


  1. Love your new bloggy hairdo. And I'm super impressy that you figured out how to be all techno-wizard.

    Happy February! But please please please blog more than once a month. Thank you ahead of time. ;)

  2. Too Cool!!!

    I love it and you know I have a special place in my heart for the month of February!! ;)

    Yes, I agree w/ Amb, please blog more now!!

  3. Cute new look!

    Blessings for the month...