Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heavy Metal's not the music I'm listening to right now.

Nor am I building a skyscraper out of big pieces of steel.

It's a reference to a milestone that happened  to Hesley  this week.

Nothing major, like potty training, or first words, or even that first little gassy grin.

He got braces!!  You know, your teeth are jacked up  we want to make your smile pretty, kind of braces.

He's only 7, so we were in no way prepared to do this at such a young age, but a visit to the dentist a few weeks ago deemed it necessary.

Here he is before....

And here he is after...

And he is quite proud of his braces!!
He keeps buggin' the snot out of me tapping me on the shoulder and grinning at me to show me.  I smile back and nod giving my full support of his proudiness when what I really want to say is...
"Yes son, I know you have braces!!  I wrote the check...remember!!"


  1. Those make him look so much older.

    I'm waiting for Saw to see them and think he needs some!

  2. Wow!!! Praying y'all survive the journey known as Orthodontics!!

    He's a cutie pie!

  3. Ugh. Doesn't that make him so old? I can't imagine...

  4. THOSE teeth need braces? Good luck taking out that second mortgage to pay for them cause a pretty smile doesn't come cheap!

  5. I'm hearin' ya loud and clear on this one.

    Our son, Will, who is 8 has his orthodontia CONSULT later this month....and we all know what THAT means.